Rates and Enquiry

Our sincerest hospitality to all the guests, dining or staying.

In addition to meals and overnight stays, we are also available for a wide variety of purposes, such as gathering or banquets from celebratory to memorial occasions, as well as class reunion, business meeting and small banquets. Please consult us for the arrangement.


We regret to advise you that Ogawa-So is not yet prepared for English enquiry over the phone. Please send us any enquiries other than in Japanese via FAX.

FAX 0544-23-7723

FAX Form PDF (English/Japanese)

Rates(Tax included)

Overnight stay

Modified American plan
(with dinner & breakfast per person per night)
adult 14,850yen ~
child(pick up adult food) 11.880yen ~
child(lunch)10,395yen ~
Continental plan
(with breakfast per person per night)

adult ・child(with futon)8,800yen

One-night matter stopping
(per person per night)
adult ・child(with futon)8,030yen
Usage time
Check-in: 4pm, Check-out: 10am
lunch only(Service charge included) 3,872yen
baby bathing fee


Chef’s Kaiseki (Tea-ceremony course) 6,600yen~
“Shabu-shabu” (Full reservation system ) 8,800yen~
(Snapping turtle hotpot)
 (Full reservation system )
“Fugu-nabe”(Globefish hotpot)
 (Full reservation system )
“Yose-nabe”(Mixed hotpot)
 (Full reservation system )
“Wai-wai” hotpot
(Three kinds of hotpot)
 (Full reservation system )
“Wai-wai” hotpot with Ise-Ebi Special
(Three kinds of hotpot with Japanese spiny lobster) 
(Full reservation system )

Price is exclusive 10% service charge.

Conference room

2 hours of the start 6,600yen
1 hour of after 2 hours 3,300yen